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Phil Lanzon - If You Think I'm Crazy! (lossless, 2017)

Classic Rock
Date : 10 décembre 2017
Ajouté : StasOn11
Vues : 944
  • ARTISTE : Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep)
  • ALBUM / TITRE : If You Think I'm Crazy!
  • PAYS : England
  • STYLE : Classic Rock
  • LABEL : Phil Lanzon Ditties - PLD-007-CD
  • DUREE : 00:54:18
  • FORMAT DE FICHIER : FLAC, (image + .cue)
  • QUALITE : Lossless

  • NOTE : 10 / 5    
  • VOTE :



01. Mind Over Matter
02. Kelly Gang
03. I Knew I Was Dreaming
04. I Saw Two Englands
05. Step Overture (Instrumental)
06. Lover's Highway
07. Donna & Joe
08. Carolin
09. The Bells
10. Forest

Источник (релизер): Sket4er
I've been writing songs for as long as i can remember. At the moment I write for the band I've been with for 31 years - Uriah Heep - since 1970 we've played the world and released so many albums so many times i can't count.
I write songs all the time and I do believe a good song will last forever even though there are millions out there in the ether. I'm often asked where the ideas come from, but after having heard so much music there is only one answer - life! It's all there in the way we live. There is music in everything we do, every way we live, good or bad.
The first song, Mind Over Matter, is an ultra possitive rock epic. It says pull out the energy you have inside that's probably lying dormant. Second uptempo song is about the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly and from a true account. Third song Is a dream song about the possibility of us all standing up and saying - stop the hatei!!! The fourth song is about a man explaining to his son that though the world is in turmoil;l it's only life. I've let a little country feel enter on this track and also Carolin. Donna & Joe is about a sparing couple of Smugglers from the eighteenth century. The Bells is about a man who turned rain into Gold! And the Forest is the ending opus about a guy whose partner died and who visits him in the Forest. In the end he goes to her. I wanted something a little more personal in these songs and the musicians and singers who worked on this project helped me achieve that end. My love of strings and choir has been well placed in these arrangements and a lot of time and patience went into the production to make it just right. I hope you find something in these songs that rings true. The lyrics and credits are on my website: Observation is life, life is observation. Thank you all.

Commentaires (2)

11 décembre 2017

Citation:  FanAlexander
Thank You. Спасибо, то что нужно моим ушам.

You’re welcome! Пожалуйста! Приятного прослушивания!

11 décembre 2017

Thank You. Спасибо, то что нужно моим ушам.


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